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What we do .

I'm Jess Carter, a former BBC journalist and producer. I deliver effective, imaginative and engaging films, content, virtual events and media training, and help you make headlines with expert comms support.

01 Content & Comms

offer clear concise copywriting and  strategies to engage audiences and pitch stories to press and broadcast media and industry sectors. 

02 Filmmaking

I specialise in identifying the stories that will appeal to your audiences, with a fast turnaround into engaging and informative media.

03 Virtual Events

With a background in live television, I am  perfectly placed to produce today's modern virtual and hybrid digital events.

04 Media Training

As a broadcast journalist, I know what works on camera and in other media and can help you tell your story with confidence and clarity.

Content & Communication

What’s your story?

I identify the best stories in your business and how they fit into the bigger picture 

How to tell it?

Using written content, video, podcasting, media interviews and social 

Who's the audience?

To engage internal and external audiences and editors 


BBC journalism and production standards brought to your corporate video.


Background in news ensures fast turnaround while maintaining the highest quality


Camera operators who also edit make for seamless creativity and clarity of message.


Explaining complicated information through graphics is a key skill for journalists with 30 seconds to tell their story. We bring you our expertise.

Comms support

With a background in national broadcasting, we know what makes a good story, how to tell it, and which audience to target.

Virtual Events

Virtual or hybrid, I produce your live event with the same attention to detail I bring to live news production. From making the agenda ‘TV-friendly’ to building the running order, briefing guests and presenters, I ensure it all goes smoothly on the day (contingency plans as standard).

Media Training

How to take control of the narrative and tell your story effectively. I use my journalism background to help you understand how the media works and how to make the right kind of headlines.

Our Core People .

Creative comms consultancy with a network of highly qualified independent specialists to draw on.

Jess Carter


After an international career in newspapers, radio and TV, Jess set up The Communication S P A C E to combine her love of writing, film-making, broadcasting, live events and training.

Alex Corona

film-maker | photographer

Alex is a passionate storyteller with a strong connection to emotional narratives and creating strong visual identities. He is an avid motorcyclist, explorer and all around petrolhead with a desire to always seek out the extraordinary in the subtle moments in-between

Devron Callender


Creative and with incredible attention to detail, Dev works for the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Five, and makes documentaries in his spare time! He also takes part in CrossFit competitions, which allows him to indulge his love of pancakes.

James Mobbs

Graphics Designer

James was the best graphic designer at the BBC until he set up his own business a year ago. Clients include the BBC, ITV, Viacom, Global, Bauer, United Airlines. Recently designed the titles for Lewis Capaldi Live on BBC One and works on Match of the Day. James loves traveling and foreign food.

Omar Jouda

Tech freak

Omar holds MSc in eBusiness from Oxford Brookes having won their Gaza Scholarship. With a CompEng BSc and a wide range of skills, he set up charitable projects with the US Consulate in Jerusalem. Omar also worked with ExaServe, the largest web host service in the ME.