You have to see it to be it. Always loved that motivator. It’s why there’s a picture of a strong healthy woman working out with weights on my fridge. And this week, I decided to apply it to my career too. I’d been thinking more and more about creating something of my own, but the GINORMOUS nature of the challenge always overwhelmed me. Until I realised it’s the same as exercise. The same as everything in life. You just have to START. When I started going to bootcamp classes four years ago, I could barely keep up, I felt like a fish out of water – and not just because I was breathless! I wasn’t ‘fit’, I couldn’t do it. Until, slowly but surely, I was fitter, I could do it. And now, bootcamp, and the addition a year ago of yoga, are the two most important ways I stay strong, physically and mentally. So now it’s time for a new ‘picture on the fridge’, metaphorically speaking. And that picture is the two domain names I registered this week – for the business I’m going to start. It may be a year away, it may be two, or more. It may be just me. Or it might be with my friend and colleague. But it’s there. I can see it. And so can she. We’ve talked about starting something together, but the first time she’d ever seen it in writing was when I bought the domain names and sent her the email confirmation. Her response? “Hey… wow!! We’re in business… well almost. Next step business lunch…” Now that sounds like a good place to START.